New Testament Tours




 For us it is not only visiting the Land of Jesus, but also the lands of the Apostles when their aim was to establish congregations in Old-Asia and up to Rome. Some of this congregations are not situated in Christian countries without any sentiment towards the roots there-off.  Traveling Turkey, Greece and Italy will enhance your understanding of the books in the New Testament.

Combined Itineraries

Julie 2018 - Junie 2020

We offer itineraries for groups that will combine visits to the Holy Land with many Biblical European countries with Israel being the highlight.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

Passion Play

& Italy


11 DAYS  ( 3 + 8 )  |  31 AUG - 10 SEPT 2020  |  PLATINUM

Come and celebrate the Passionsspiele with us.  The play has hundreds of actors on the stage and thousands of spectators in one of the most extravagant productions of the Passion Play.  Join us in 2020 for a once in a lifetime experience at this powerful performance which takes place once every 10 years.