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Walk into the Bible

It’s a privilege and great joy to lead you through the Holy Land.  Ask the Lord to draw near to you personally, and to lead us as a group, and to make Himself known to us in a new and fresh way as we experience the Holy Land together.


The collective strive of Bible Tours is to serve the call of Jesus on the Mount of Olives. We believe that a visit to the Land of the Bible will enrich every believer with a better understanding of the Bible.  Visiting the places where Jesus walked spreading His Gospel is a pilgrimage that will give an experience that money cannot buy.

We are more than tourists, more than holiday makers, we are children of God seeking to understand His Word better, to enrich ourselves spiritually, and to enter into a deeper walk with the risen Christ.


All return flights and connections are included in all our packages.


Centrally located accommodation saves you a lot of travel time.


All our tour groups enjoys the luxury of their own bus.


A good Christian guide is an important feature when visiting any Biblical country.

Most Popular Destinations

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For us it is not only visiting the Land of Jesus, but also the lands of the Apostles when their aim was to establish congregations in Old-Asia and up to Rome.  Some of this congregations are not situated in Christian countries without any sentiment towards the roots there-off.  Traveling Turkey, Greece and Italy will enhance your understanding of the books in the New Testament.

What people say..


"It is a life changing experience.  It changes your faith, and your perspective. Once you visit the Holy Land, you will never be the same."


MAY 2019

Bible Tours made it possible for me to visit the Holy Land. The Tour leader, Pieter Botha, has phenomenal knowledge of the Bible. The visit definitely brings perspective on what one reads in the Bible. All the arrangements are excellent. 



Bible Tours is so excited and passionate about the tours they offer. Can't wait for our tour. To visit all the places I've heard and seen today at the info session. I am so excited!


"We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   We dreamed about a Christian tour to Israel and shopped around for so long before you came on our way.  From the beginning things were just different. Thank you for a wonderful information session with the meeting and dining so beautifully and tastefully done - I don't think you realise how special it is. It was so nice to get to the airport and feel like we already know the whole group.  Thanks for all the spoils: backpack, umbrella, pashmina and all the messages with information and photos we got before the trip. We felt so at home when we arrived in Israel. All the arrangements in Israel flowed so wonderfully. Thank you for all the wonderful hotels where we were spoiled like kings and queens.  We slept well and ate until we could no more!  Busses were convenient and always on time! There was nothing to complain about!  Our booklets are a precious treasure that will always remind us of wonderful sacred moments in precious places. Pieter, your knowledge, love and enthusiasm for Israel has no equal.  Thanks for every piece of information and for knowledge of things which we may have just read, but now has a picture.  Above all, you do it because you love the Lord so much!  Christa, in your quiet way, you've done all the support work and admin - THANK YOU! Without that, nothing can happen.  Thanks for the nicely covered table, delicious food and pampering! Thank you for our gifts!  You gave us an indelible, life-changing memory - thank you!  May the Lord kindly bless you in EVERYTHING you do. 

André & Riana Homann

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